You are Ready to Propose, Congratulations!

But your not sure where to start?           

By entrusting me with your proposal, you not only gain a skilled photographer but also a dedicated event planner committed to turning your vision into reality. Let's create a proposal that exceeds your expectations, leaving you with cherished memories and a stunning visual narrative of your love story.

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Complete Surprise 

Experience the magic of a surprise proposal as you pop the question to your partner in a location of your choosing. A discreet photographer will be strategically positioned to capture the genuine and heartfelt moment. Following the proposal, indulge in a 30-minute photo session with your partner, creating timeless memories to share with friends and family.

The Photo Session

Elevate your proposal with a thoughtfully planned photo session. Book a session with your partner under the guise of a special gift. At a strategic moment during the session, surprise them with the proposal. Our skilled photographer will be briefed and ready to capture the perfect shot. After the joyful "yes," continue the session to document the happiness of the occasion.

Full-Scale Party

Make your proposal a grand celebration by organizing an event with friends and family. Bring your partner to the gathering under the pretense of a regular date night. As they walk into a romantically arranged area adorned with lights and candles, take the pivotal moment to go down on one knee. Upon their acceptance, unveil the surprise as friends and family join in the celebration, creating a joyous and unforgettable party.

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Portrait - Engagement

USD $650

Pop the Question
1 hr$650
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Assistance planning proposal
Set up any decorations before surprise
Capturing the moment of proposal
30 minute couple photo session after they say yes!
50 - 5x7 printed announcements
25% Off any wedding packages
Appointment subject to photographer approval.
Credit card will not be charged until appointment is approved.
$150 booking fee at time of approval.
Remainder $500 is due 3 days before shoot.

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